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Why use PVC floor?
Creatime: 2019-9-29
At present the international community has adopted PVC plastic sports flooring (not leather) replace most conventional materials gymnasium floor coverings, plastic floor a hundred years without aging (no natural scrapped since global records, paving improper, inferior race, a good red excluded). Scratch resistant performance to En660 standard Group T level, absorb noise and carpet walk comparable technical performance than wood sports flooring and indoor sports venues such as acrylic, flame retardant, moisture-proof, anti-skid (less water slide), a very low coefficient of expansion itself completely nontoxic. Anti-chemical pollution (but highly corrosive pollution must be immediately cleaned), anti-static, termites and other daily hazards can not damage the floor (except improper Stones). Demolition, moving more convenient, no special maintenance. A few technical issues regarding PVC plastic sports flooring
1. Comfort question:
Professional sports flooring PVC plastic surface energy upon impact, moderately deformed, as there is an inner seal air mattress, wrestling or when you slip when closed foambacked cushioning technology provides to maximize the reduce injuries.
2. The tremor question:
Tremor refers to the range floor is deformed by the impact, the greater the scope of this tremor more prone to fracture. Tremor in two ways: point tremor and regional tremor.
3. The vibration absorbing question:
Impulse role in the movement formed in the PVC plastic sports floor surface will have vibration, structural flooring must have shock absorbing function, but also refers to the floor should have to absorb the impact energy of the performance of athletes in the PVC plastic sports flooring by Compared on a hard surface, such as concrete floor in motion a much smaller anti-impact force. Namely: athletes jump down to the PVC floor, at least have more than 53% of the amount of impact is absorbed by the PVC floor, which protect the athlete's ankle to play the role of the meniscus, spinal cord, brain, people in motion It will not hurt. Its protective function does not affect the adjacent considered a person who moved in the PVC plastic sports flooring. This is the German DIN standard shock absorption as described, shock deformation and extensional deformation concepts.
The friction coefficient of the problem:
Studies have shown that 12 percent of basketball players injury occurred during rotation in place. Described friction coefficient sports flooring floor whether the friction is too strong (this will reduce the flexibility of rotation) or slippery (which will increase the risk of slipping). Taking into account the athlete's mobility and safety, the friction coefficient between 0.4 and 0.7 should be the best value. Friction coefficient professional PVC plastic sports flooring generally maintained between this factor, which has sufficient and appropriate friction force, to ensure the stability of the movement, while maintaining friction performance on each direction of movement of consistency and regularity in order to ensure flexibility to move and in situ rotation without any hindrance.
5. The ball resilience question:
Ball resilience test is to basketball from 6.6 feet fell on the floor exercise, basketball rebound height test. The data is expressed as a percentage, to rebound the basketball on the concrete floor height of comparison standard, reflecting the rebound height difference. Indoor ball games competition rules require, with the ground sports or training, such as basketball and other sports jump action movement and ball rebound, the ball rebounded requires comparative factor on the playing court surface should be greater than or equal to 90%. Professional PVC plastic sports flooring has an outstanding ball rebound performance and stability, there is no elasticity dead on the floor, it is relatively rebound coefficient can reach up to 98%.
6. the kinetic energy of the return of the problem:
This refers to the kinetic energy of PVC plastic sports flooring at Athletic returned to enhance athletic performance.
7. Scroll load of questions:
Load bearing professional sports flooring and solid technology, life must meet the requirements of competition and training, when such activities related to basketball and sports facilities moving on the floor, the floor surface and can not therefore be subject to structural damage, which is the German DIN standard Rolling load standards and concepts described herein.
Second, compare PVC sports flooring and solid wood sports flooring
1. PVC sports flooring using a wider range:
PVC sports flooring is the best choice for all official international competitions including basketball ball games venues, including the internationally recognized badminton, table tennis, volleyball, handball and other sports venues generally used PVC sports flooring. Compared with wood sports flooring, PVC sports flooring with better security, shock absorption and bounce performance. And the use of a range of solid wood sports flooring is relatively narrow.
In addition, wood sports flooring installation is complex and can not do to move the venue to meet customer demand. The PVC sports flooring easy to install, with the movable-type sports flooring also meet the customer needs to do to move this particular site.
2. PVC sports flooring sports performance is superior:
PVC sports flooring and solid wood sports flooring compared with the more superior athletic performance, mainly in the following aspects:
In general, sports flooring comfort in the order of: PVC plastic sports flooring - acrylic acid (polyurethane) sports ground - Rubber Flooring - wood sports flooring.
Tremor - point tremor and tremor region
Regional tremor refers to the range floor is deformed by the impact, the greater the range of the more prone to fracture tremor, wood sports flooring typical of the region on tremor tremor. PVC sports flooring thanks to the closed cell structure, its tremors lesser extent, below the point tremor, maximize the protection of the athlete's body.
Shock Absorbers
To protect the user, reducing the impact, wood sports flooring rubber mat or pads used to increase the ways to improve flexibility, but with the aging of rubber, to absorb the momentum of the function also will decline.
3. PVC sports flooring with a better price:
Real professional wood sports flooring is expensive, since the flooring material of different grades, different structures, so the price is also quite different sports flooring. Generally it can be roughly divided into three classes: high, medium and low. Upscale sports flooring is generally used as a surface layer of the North American maple wood floor, the price of 1,000 yuan / square meter; the mid-range of sports flooring is generally used as a surface layer of homemade maple wood floor price of 600 yuan / square meter; low is the use of oak wood and other composite or laminate flooring as a surface layer of the floor price of about 350 yuan / square meter. In a standard basketball court 800 square meters, for example, if the choice of mid-range of sports flooring in the total cost of about $ 500,000. So led many now want to use a professional sports wooden floors ordinary users will eventually choose wood floor, while the average wooden floor structure is simple, simply does not have the characteristics of sports flooring (impact absorption, resonance absorption, the friction coefficient, resilience, and rolling complex etc.), which increases the risk of injury to players fundamentally. The PVC plastic sports flooring is undoubtedly provide customers a better choice, but also a fundamental solution to the athlete's worries.
4. Routine maintenance PVC sports flooring more convenient, more affordable cost:
Wood sports flooring needs professional maintenance, maintenance costs are relatively high (for some floors, the annual cost of maintenance costs may be equivalent to the purchase price of the floor), and PVC plastic sports flooring surface after wear-pollution treatment, life without waxing , by non-professional cleaning and maintenance, and daily cleaning only with a slightly damp mop can be.

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